Contractors using Cinderblock operate more efficiently, as it helps everyone stay in the loop.

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Stay organized

Everything you need is at your fingertips. Notes, photos, appointment records, estimates, invoices, and more, available whenever you need them.

Cinderblock keeps all of a job’s notes in a single feed, giving you the full picture without making you jump from place to place. Mention a teammate in a note, and they will be notified in real time.

Assign checklists to specifics users, so everyone on the team knows exactly what needs to get done. Cinderblock keeps track of a checklist's progress, so you'll know when the tasks are completed.

Every company has a unique way of doing things, so we make it possible to customize job statuses. Giving you the flexibility to create and name a job status for each step of your workflow.

Attach files and documents directly to job. Including photos, drawings, permits, receipts, etc.

Tags help you keep things organized and easily searchable. You can add tags to jobs and customers



Always be on-time and properly equipped to get the job done.

Easily manage your company’s schedule with our drag and drop calendar.

When an employee arrives at or completes an appointment, Cinderblock logs the exact time and date, as well as their GPS location, so you know exactly who was where and when.

When you have multiple employees who need to be at the same job at the same time, you'll create just one appointment and assign each employee to it. In your company’s schedule, the appointment appears just once, preventing the confusion that comes with duplicate appointments.

When creating an appointment you can select what the appointment is for (e.g. Sales estimate, service call, inspection, etc.), making it easier for you to know exactly how your day is scheduled to unfold.


“Appointment logging has been a game changer for our business!”

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Estimates and invoices

Cinderblock makes building and sending estimates a breeze.

Easily generate and email professional looking estimates with just a few clicks.

Approved estimates can be easily converted into invoices, saving you the time of typing out or copying and pasting each line item.

Items you use to build your estimates and invoices are stored in your company’s inventory list, so they can be easily added the next time you need them.

Cinderblock syncs with your Quickbooks Online account in almost real-time speed, ensuring your records are up to date and accessible across both systems.


Mobile app

Because our mobile app is available on Android and iOS smartphones (not just tablets), you won’t need to invest in new equipment just to get started.

Effortlessly record the time you arrive and depart a job. All it takes is the tap of a button.

When you take photos on the job site, they are instantly attached to the job and available to your team. Say goodbye to manually uploading and organizing your photos.

If you’re at a job site with no data/wifi available, you can still use the app to view recent job and appointment information. Coming soon: the ability to add job info (e.g. notes, photos, etc.) while offline.

View the mobile app in Spanish. More languages available on request!


Got questions? We’re here to help!

Check out our support page where you can find tutorials and FAQs. If you’d prefer to ask us directly, don’t hesitate to get in touch!